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Allied Gases has all of the high purity/mixed gases, tools, safety equipment, and know-how to properly outfit any mining operation. Our many years of experience in supporting miners and their deep-earth projects has allowed us to stock only the best equipment and materials needed to safely and efficiently mine a variety of raw materials straight from the earth.

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Mining is an industry that extracts valuable minerals from the ground, many of the minerals we extract are coal, diamonds, and gold. Many of the things that are mined are used in everyday things such as electronics, transport technologies, the building industry, almost everything that surrounds us would not be possible if it weren’t for the raw materials we get from mining. With mining especially underground you need safety equipment and tons of tools/machinery to extract these raw materials. At Allied, we have serviced the mining industries for centuries. Mining is an important industry and we want to serve you in all your mining needs.

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