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Fountain drinks, draft beer, and nitrogen-infused beverages are increasingly popular - both at restaurants and at home. From family-owned eateries and corner stores to large breweries and home craft brewing enthusiasts, the need for food-grade gases is always high. Whether you need Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), or more exotic gases/gas mixes, Allied has you covered. For tank supplies, we offer high-grade tanks for rental, lease, or purchase. Our flexible options ensure that Allied has the right choice for your home or business.

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The demand for carbonated beverages is always high, whether the demand is for fountain soft drinks or draught beer. The process of carbonation is very simple it is the dissolving of carbon dioxide in water. You have to pressurize the carbon dioxide and when the pressure is reduced, small bubbles are released which is what causes the fizz in your drink. For your draught beer, you may also need Nitrogen (N2) when it comes to pressure requirements. In order to get the right carbonation for your drinks, you need to be using beverage quality CO2. You don’t want to be using grades of CO2 because it isn’t supposed to be used for beverages, it is used for things such as metal fabrications. Allied can offer you all these quality gases for you to have quality beverages.

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