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Metal Fabrication

Allied Gases has all of the tools, accessories, and high-quality gases you need to safely and efficiently complete any metal fabrication project. We carry arc stick welders, MIG welders, welding guns, TIG welders, torches, plasma welders, laser cutters, jet lines, digital arc control systems, positioners and turning rolls, seam trackers, tips, polishing wheels, grinding wheels, polishing pads, cleaning liquids, and more. Whatever your metal fabrication project, Allied Gases has the tools, supplies, and knowledge to help you successfully build your custom project.

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Metal fabrication is a process that is used to produce metal structures by using methods of cutting, bending, and assembling process. The process is used for the creation of machines, parts, and structures from a variety of raw materials. There are many tools that can be used to cut raw materials. In order to cut raw materials, you will need either a saw, burn table that is powered by natural gas, laser cutting tables, and water jet cutters. Welding is the main focus of metal fabrication and assembling your machine. Allied Gases can provide you with the gas and machines to help you in achieving your final metal fabrication project.

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