Bulk/Micro-Bulk Gases

Allied Gases has the supply chain, manufacturing capacity, tools, equipment, and personnel to meet all of your business’ bulk and micro-bulk gas needs. Our store managers, purchasing agents, customer care/sales associates, dispatch personnel, and fill plant workers all work in concert to ensure that we can supply all of your gas needs without delay or interruption. For special requests and industry knowledge, contact one of our technical specialists for a free consultation.

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Acetylene – C2H2

UN1001 Specifications & MSDS


UN1002 Specifications & MSDS

Argon – Ar

UN1006 Specifications & MSDS

Propylene – C3H6

UN1077 Specifications & MSDS

Carbon Dioxide – CO2

UN1013 Specifications & MSDS

Helium – He

UN1046 Specifications & MSDS

Hydrogen – H2

UN1049 Specifications & MSDS

Nitrogen – N2

UN1066 Specifications & MSDS

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